The latest in print technology.

Introducing our new HP Latex R2000 Large Format Printer

The HP Latex R2000 is a versatile printer with a phenomenal range of applications. It’s a best-in-class production machine that uses latex water-based inks to produce high-quality graphics, while minimising our impact on the environment. 

We’re excited about the possibilities of this new technology, and we think our customers will be too. 

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Why did we choose the HP Latex R2000?

  • An environmentally conscious print solution

  • Higher product quality and faster delivery

  • Greater range of bespoke print applications

  • Safe, non-toxic and ready for immediate installation

  • All backed by support and warranties from HP and 3M

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An environmentally conscious solution

Choosing an eco-friendly print solution is a simple way to support your organisation’s sustainability goals. Our HP Latex R2000 uses the latest generation of latex water-based inks, which are streets ahead of traditional solvent inks when it comes to helping the planet! Latex inks comply with modern environmental and health safety regulations, release minimal airborne chemicals, and are safe for indoor use.

High product quality and fast delivery

Using leading latex ink technology allows us to produce high-quality prints on a range of materials, from self-adhesive graphics to PVC banners. The HP Latex R2000 is a quick, efficient production machine capable of handling large print jobs at speed without compromising on quality. We can also print white ink quickly and at high resolution, without yellowing over time.

Range of bespoke print applications

The sky’s the limit! The HP Latex R2000 is highly versatile, and can print onto rigid material of all types to meet your signage, decor and packaging needs. The latex inks provide a high level of flexibility, so we can print onto rigid substrates, or materials that will be vacuum moulded, without the risk of ink cracking. The HP Latex R2000 also allows for sandwich printing on clear materials - great for creating layered artwork on glass, and perfect for splashbacks.

Non-toxic and ready for immediate installation

With the HP Latex R2000, your graphics are ready for instant installation, with no drying time and no need to laminate unless it’s a long-term installation (over three years). The latex inks are non-toxic, safe to touch and use, and don’t give off an odour when you open the packaging. The inks also hold a GreenGuard certification, meaning they don’t give off harmful chemicals and are suitable for installation in medical settings.

Warranties and support from HP and 3M

We work closely with HP and 3M to offer peace of mind warranties to our clients. We’re authorised 3M applicators and manufacturers, and our alignment with HP means we have quick access to maintenance and technical support. The software that drives our printer is constantly advancing, leading to even more possibilities in the future.

We’ve invested in this new technology to offer a superior service for our customers while doing our part for the environment.

We all live in the same world, so let’s take responsibility for our little corner of it!

If you’re an existing Brown Kiwi customer, there’s a good chance you’re already seeing the benefits of our new large format printer. If you have any questions or want to know more, please get in touch.