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The latest in print technology

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Introducing our new HP Latex R2000 Large Format Printer

Operating since 1939, HP is the world leader in sustainable printing technology. HP provides the best printers and printing software to ensure that the quality always meets your demands.

  • Hoarding Signage  • Digitally printed Banners 

  • Vehicle Graphics • Posters •  Corflute Printing 

  • Fence Wrap • Bus Advertising 

  • building Signage   Instore advertising graphics • Window & glass graphics • Portable counter        • Custom flags • POS Flags • Café Banners • Floor Graphics • Residential Building Signage • Vehicle Signage • Printable Carpet • Billboards • Plinths 

And so much more!..

Sustainable and Environmentally friendly Options available


We’ve invested in this new technology to offer a superior service for our customers while doing our part for the environment.

The HP Latex R2000 is a versatile printer with a phenomenal range of applications. It’s a best-in-class production machine that uses latex water-based inks to produce high-quality graphics, while minimising our impact on the environment. We’re excited about the possibilities of this new technology, and we think our customers will be too. 


Easy-to-design large-format printing applications.

Use our Portal to bring your creative ideas to Life. 

Create your own Banner 

Create your own Stickers and  Magnets 

Create your own Wallcoverings 

Create your own Poster

Create your own Canvas 

Create your own Floor Graphics 

Create your own Gift Wraps 

Create your own Roll Ups 

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We all live in the same world, so let’s take responsibility for our little corner of it!

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"Why did we choose the HP Latex R2000?"

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If you’re an existing Brown Kiwi customer, there’s a good chance you’re already seeing the benefits of our new large format printer. If you have any questions or want to know more, please get in touch. 

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